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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top 7 Reasons NOT To Vote BN Come GE13

Reading the latest happenings about our country is a pain for many of us. Seeing the kind of filth BN politicians churning day in and day out makes you think that Malaysia is in a state of anarchy.

Would anyone disagree? Politically, economically and socially our nation is sinking lower and it seems we are reaching the point of no return.

We were considered to be a model country at one time but today we are on the way to become the “Next Sick Man of Asia” or the next Somalia.

Can we re-claim our country  from these corrupt and good for nothing BN politicians? I say we have too. And we need too.

 And we need to do it this coming GE13. Personally, I have 7 good reasons to kick BN out of Putrajaya come GE13:-

1)      When BN is voted out you vote out  people like Ibrahim Ali, Dr M, Perkasa and the likes. When you vote these people out you too vote out extremism, racism and bigotry from our nation. This is something we need to do as the current regime under Najib has failed to reprimand these racist politicians. In fact, Najib and his crony has been giving tacit support and approval by giving some of the most ridiculous statements in our nations history. Let us remember that “Perkasa adalah Perkakas UMNO” (Perkasa is UMNO's tool).

2)      When you vote BN out you vote against corruption. This is a curse our nation has to endure since money politics has become so entrenched in our system. Every contract and business awarded has to be accompanied by a certain cut or percentage for those who walk in the corridors of power. Heard of the 10% men and his allegedly Maika shares? Of course, you have the BMF scandal, Perwaja and the latest PKFZ issue which is the hottest topic today but the current BN government seems to be dragging its feet to take those responsible to court. Why??? We can never expect BN to provide us with good governance as this is such an alien word to this bunch of crooks.

3)      When you vote BN out you vote for all that stands for freedom and justice. What justice can a man on the street find for himself whenever his NCR land is taken over by BN cronies? What good is freedom if tomorrow he gets up to find his son has been gun down by the police in the wee hours of the morning? We not only need a dedicated and corrupt free cops/courts but also cops/courts who are able to perform their duty without fear or favor!

4)      Vote BN out and you vote out an education system that supports mediocrity and second or third best. Look at our education system which is tainted with racism in the form of Biro Tata Negara (BTN) &  quota system for university entry etc. If you look at our schools these days we will not fail to see how the standard has dropped from, let’s say 15-20 years ago to today. Our teachers are not equipped to teach English well and this is causing our future graduates to suffer in the employment market. Yet, BN leaders especially the Education Minister has been giving us excuses after excuses till today and the young ones are the most affected. So, why keep these incompetent BN ministers in power? Get rid of them to redeem our education system NOW!

5)      When you vote BN out you vote against the likes of  Utusan, The Star, TV3 and many other mainstream media which has been controlled, manipulated and shackled by the powers that be. These newspapers especially Utusan has been spewing lies after lies and are still doing so as their political masters are the ones dictating to them what should be the menu of the week. Responsible journalism is such a foreign word to this big time corporate liars. Their recent report on the Christian state and PM is a case in point! They must be stop at all cost and we are the ones who will do it by bringing down BN in the next GE13.

6)     Under BN rule Malaysia is facing a serious brain drain in the last few years. The major factors are the lethargic country's economy, educational opportunities, lack of religious freedom, social inequality and BN's affirmative policy in the form of NEP. These factors has made many young Malaysians fed-up with the current state of affairs and this has brought about the a wave of brain drain which is already affecting our economy today. The best brains in our country feels they are not being appreciated and welcomed as most of them are not of the Bumiputera group. Between 2008 & 2009 a total of 300,000 Malaysians has emigrated overseas just after the 2008 tsunami election. We need to put a stop to this brain drain and the starting point is to get rid of BN and vote in a government which is more inclusive and fair in its administration.

7)      When we vote BN out, we vote for a better livelihood for all. And I mean for all and not just for the selected few cronies or the elites. Since the Asian Financial Crisis and Anwar's sacking in the late 1990's our ecomony has never really prospered well. The BN government is planning for another round of petrol price hike come this June 2011. And Najib has the gall to say that subsidy has become an opium to the masses. Little did he realise that corruption and money politics in his own party UMNO is the real opium and the root of all evil!

And the list goes on. I'm very sure sure you have your own reason/s not to vote BN this time around. Do add in and see how long the list goes.

I'm convinced that for our country to move forward we need to put BN in its right place which is OUT of Putrajaya. As of now, I can only imagine Pakatan Rakyat as the only viable party to take over this government.

I have made my decision. How about you?


  1. mate u might wanna reword item 3.....typo error ;)

  2. what makes u think that "PAKATAN" will overcome or be better than those 'top 7 reason'.

  3. It is in the hand of the Malays

  4. Hi Damian,

    I am eager to vote out BN, and I did vote against them in the last two GE. My worry (and others as well) is whether PR is really ready to effectively work together and draw up good policies for the Rakyat. That is yet to be seen. Yes I will continue to support the Opposition. That said I am also ready (to accept) and will not be surprised if PR comes out as lame as BN if they get to Putrajaya.

  5. I'm with you 100% all the way. We really need to vote BN out. I'm sure I'm not the only one troubled by what has been plaguing our nation under BN supressive regime...but how can we ensure a FAIR AND CLEAN election?

    DAP has started to register eligible voters by setting up booths in certain areas.. PKR and PAS must do the same.

    Bro, Malaysians really need to vote BN out this coming elections! I don't think I can take another term under their regime

  6. Barang Naik has to go. They have overstayed their welcome with the dismay handling of government affairs. Most times we are made to feel as though we are foreigners in the land of our birth. Do we want to continue with this or make THAT CHANGE so our future generations has a renewed sense of belonging and able to stand upright to call 'Malaysia' as home.

  7. Vote BN out first. Leave the worry about PR's competency to later. When BN is out for at least 1 term, then only can we see whether any improvement to this country can be made. At least this will send a shockwave down BN's spine and teach them not to be so arrogant.

  8. Anon 10:45am...thanx mate for hiliting!

  9. Anon 10:53...i agree...PR cud turn out like BN...but hv we ever tried giving them a chance...we'll never know n until we have the courage to make that change we will always be an oppessesed ppl under this present BN regime..

  10. We need a government which is accountable and transparent. It has to be working for the interest of the nation and not for it's own self interest. Give PR a chance. In 5 years if they do not perform vote them out. There is an urgent need for check and balances. This can only happen with a 2 party system.

  11. If BN can't be voted out come this GE, I'm heading to Australia.

  12. Pakatan or BN non-Malays will survive. But to help Malays and other bumis we must vote BN out cause UMNO leaders and supporters are by large low in moral, incompetent and are misleading the Malays.

  13. When you vote against BN you are giving Malaysians living Overseas a chance to vote in future elections.

    When you vote against BN you are voting to abolish the ISA.

    When you vote against BN you are also voting against a corrupted and violent police and judiciary departments.

    When you vote against BN you are voting for democracy.

  14. Im a Malay guy, and yes. I will vote for the opposition!

  15. Reasons (8)

    Federal Govt Bailing Out Water Concessionaires
    Tuesday, 24 May 2011
    By Tony Pua

    "Of the four companies, Puncak Niaga Sdn Bhd and its subsidiary, Syarikat Bekalan Air Negeri Selangor (SYABAS), had debts amounting to more than RM4.2 billion."


    "However as a result of the Federal Government bailing out the massive debts, they have relieved these companies of their cash flow problems."
    That son of a bitch CEO of Puncak draws the highest salary in this country. His monthly pay is equivalent to an average ordinary person 36 months pay. Apart from having the skills of spending lavishly on Ferrari, Porsche and other sports cars, he knows nuts about running a company. This is a typical freeloader UMNO crony who was given a project on a silver platter.

    Now this is what irritate us; in the end, the rakyat has got to bail out this son of a bitch arse who draws the highest salary in this country but yet do not know how to manage a company. . ., WTF!

  16. Vote for PAKATAN!!

  17. well, it is easier said than done.
    no matter how many votes rakyat put in, "gerrymandering" have make them stay in power.
    "gerrymandering" of seat allocations need to be revamp. that will be the hardest part to get it revamp and get approval.
    do we need international help to make it happen?

    salam... burn

  18. For me it is the opposition in the next GE.What I don't understand as to why people are doubting the capability of Pakatan rule. Lets put it this way:-If we continue with BN we know for sure we will be going down. If we go for Pakatan, it is only logical that Pakatan will try to meet with our expections. At the end of the 5yr period we can then assess the capability of Pakatan and make the choice of continuing with Pakatan if we are happy that they are working towards our goal. Otherwise vote them out.

  19. BN has been governed for 50 years, why not give PR a try see whether they can or not.

  20. Your reasons to vote out BN is already spelled out in Buku Jingga. We need to communicate this thru Buku Jingga to the masses. Every family shud own a copy and when fully accept the doctrine can the masses be the pole that breaks the camel's (BN) back.

  21. better "Tried and failed than failed to try"


  23. how can a rich nation have so much poverty everywhere from KELANTAN to TRENGGANU n TO SABAH N SARAWAK. where has the n money gone to? to the leaders pockets Lah, BILLIONS DISAPPEARED IN pkfz N SO MANY SCANDALS- ITS NOT A JOKE

  24. My one and only reason, but applies to 99% Malaysians.
    Under BN government, I get POORER AND POORER!

  25. I will be voting for anybody else other than those standing under the unbalanced dacing sign... why? because i don't like the ugly faces of Najib Muhy Hisam Ibrahim Rais Nazri Bung Rosmah Anifah Musa Pairin Kurup Taib Johari... u name them and they are all the same!

  26. I support 2 Party System. Let's give the opposition a chance to rule, let's try them for 5 years. We have tried BEnd for more than 50 failed years. Enough is enough.

  27. People power must take over At the rate the country is heading Malaysia is doomed Make no mistake about it. Malaysia is heading to be a pariah state sooner than we think. The non malays are resourceful and will survive. It is the Malays who will suffer MORE under BN. The Malays will be better WITHOUT BN. It is so clear

  28. i think we broke the glass ceiling in 2008, i have so many frends that have no confident in opposition gaining anything let alone landslide. it will change m'sia forever if we vote BN out come ge13. it will be a two party system where nobody dares to screw the rakyat anymore. lets make sure the king maker (indian vote) stays with pakatan. mark my word najib has lost his plot! Husam is definitely our next finance minister...

  29. Isn't 50 years enough to show your management skills to govern the country?
    Here is their report card so far.
    People skills 0
    Religious skills 0
    Money management 0
    Promoting Racial harmony skills 0
    Future planning skills 0
    Promotion of transparency 0
    Continuous improvement process 0
    Fair and independent Policing 0
    Fair and free press 0
    Fair and free judiciary 0
    Fair and free election 0

    Being a responsible and caring government 0

    Total score for 55 years of trial and errors = Zero plus bonus 30% = grand total of 00.00:'(

  30. As a nation of people, we are very diverse, we all have our self interests. The Kampong folks would like to vote for BN because they like the handouts, they do not know how to fend for themselves. They are happy where they are because they have been told if you vote for another party, your way of life will change forever. Unfortunately these Kampong Folks are more prolific than the others living in the cities and towns. They do not know better because they will be forever indebted to BN for their handouts. They do not know shame, always asking for handouts. But Chinese Businessmen are just as bad, they know that with BN they can bribe their way into doing business. With anyone else in power they are not sure whether their actions can prevail. So that makes these Chinese businessmen just as bad and traitors to the rest of the Chinese in Malaysia, if I have my way, I will shoot these dogs. Corruption exists because of these Chinese Businessmen, because they know that by paying these UMNO or BN folks, they can get what they want, including getting away with murder, literally. The Chinese have no more morals than the Kampong Folks. To stop the Chinaman and the Kampong Folks from voting BN, this is going to take some doing and there is no clear solution, change can only come from within and not from the outside. It is not a case of they are too dumb, but a case of unwilling to change as it offers uncertainty. Leave the country, like I do perhaps it will take a generation before it will improve, then return, if there is a country to return to. The Malays don't want us Chinese there, and I will not stay where I am not welcomed. But they are quite happy to take our money. When we have left in sufficient numbers and the money supply is dwindling, then the Malay will fight with whoever is left. In the end the Ketuanan will win, as they will inherit a barren earth....perhaps then they will change.

  31. Vote PR and beware of BN's tactic of distraction using Race and Religion.

    Beware of Malay Unity drive and Islam under attack campaign by BN.

    Be warned! Vote BN OUT.

  32. Why not give PAKATAN a chance to lead? Afterall its just 5 years...previously and until now we are with BN which are corupt Govt and the PM who every second try to increase the price with no reason...But still can enjoy US trip buy jets,Submarine like we are going for war with billions of comissions (which at the end of the day need people to push,what a shame)
    Pls guys vote for Change in comming election..

  33. Why are malaysian so reluctant to give 5 years of rule to some1 that might do a difference in our lives.. BN has been there for more than 50 Years and malaysian should be able to see how the country is going.. for a change try giving the country to the pakatan rakyat.. if malaysian are not happy with the rule then change them back to BN in 5 years.. but just give them a chance to rule..

  34. Subsidy is opium. What a terrible way to describe the Rakyat's money !!!
    Everyone need that money, whether you call it opium or wang ehsan, it is still OK for the Rakyat if petrol is at 1.03 per litre. ( remember this price was maintained for a long time in the 1990s ?? )

  35. Physcological game to push RON 97 to RM2.90 and then raise the RON 95 to a higher price !!!

    Cekai mentality of "abusing rakyat's money"

  36. BN can only be voted out if we have the younger generation of educated Malays who can think like our Malaysian First, Mariam Mokhtar,who I think should be contesting in the coming GE on an opposition ticket and I am confident many votes will be for her. Mariam Mokhtar, please take up the challenge. The country needs people of your calibre and mentality to forge Malaysia forward.

  37. BN is cancerous and needs to be removed at all costs. This den of liars and thieves have no remorse for the well being of the nation and rakyaat and their presence radiates a strong stench of oppression and destitute. Unless they are voted out, Malaysia's hope and future will be confined to the dustbin of history

  38. Talk about Buku Jingga, where can I get it? How and where can I go to be trained as an voting agent?
    I am from Perak.

  39. Anon 7:39AM

    You can download the Buku Jingga here :

    Tell EVERYONE you know about the manifesto!

  40. No prizes for this question...Choose which one best suits you : Barang Naik (BN) or Price Reduce (PR)?.

  41. All things are possible for those who believe.
    We want to install a just and fair government, one that look after the welfare of the rakyat, a judiciary that administer justice correctly, a media that is unbias, a society that is caring and harmonious. Visualize it, see it, proclaim it. It will be done.

  42. GOOD write up. I support. VOTE OUT BN. PKR may be the same like BN, but at least they know that if they screw up, they will get voted out later too. why the MALAYS that make up 70% of population still want to suport BN/UMNO when MALAYs are the ones who are suffering the most the moment BN/UMNO govt cut subsidies??? but keep supporting their own IPP, TOLL ROAD businesses with govt money. if MALAYS DONT WAKE UP NOW, MALAYsia is eternally hopeless. I WILL STAY IN CAMBODIA. no go back MALAYsia