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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mahathir's Dilemma

Let me first say that many people your age would be seeking to quiet down and enjoy the remaining balance of your life with their love ones. But somehow I find this a complete surprise as this is not the case with you.

Even at this age you are able to shake the government to its core. Look at Pak Lah and now Najib and his 1Malaysia program.

And I guess you are doing this coz something is bothering you. We know what is it but it would be great if we could hear it from the horses’ mouth as you claim you are “past self-interest” and all.

Anyhow, back to your latest venom on “the country we all love.”

Dr. M, you said that we Malaysians don’t understand 1 Malaysia. Do you really think that we are such dumb fools not able to comprehend this slogan? For your info, it simply means Unity. In our context it’s Unity in Diversity!

That’s it. Now the next question is do we need 1Malaysia? Of course we do. It’s precisely because of people like you and those in the primitive group Perkasa whom you are the spiritual advisor to.

Dr. M, we need 1Malaysia to work for our children’s future. But somehow you and Perkasa think otherwise. You and your proxy Muhyiddin think it will not work. You and some bigoted and racist civil servants feel that 1Malaysia should fail.

Why? Are you afraid of loosing something? Seriously, tell us what is it.

Then you claim that the Malays have a different understanding of 1Malaysia than the rest of the non-Malays.

You claim that the Malays wants us to adopt BM as our national language. Who hasn’t? Even the East Malaysians with a variety of their indigenous languages has done that. In addition, you want the non-Malays to give up their mother tongue and more importantly their education system as well.

In your own words the Chinese civilization system has been around for four thousand years and this has made them more resilient and knowledgeable. And now you want to destroy a part of that very fundamental institution (education) which has sustained the Chinese over the centuries? What are you up to?

Well, it is not the non-Malays who don’t want to learn BM. It is you who disallowed the use of BM in schools as far as teaching of Maths and Science was concerned.

It just doesn’t make sense what you are saying now and did the last time you were a PM of “the country we all love.”

Well, we Malaysians know very well that you are a flip-flop men too. On one hand you could be preaching about Bangsa Malaysia but on the other you could be talking about Malay supremacy with ease! And that hasn’t stop since your Malay Dilemma days.

Dr. M, your blog says that the non-Malays interprete 1Malaysia as amending the constitution. Give us a break! It was you who have amended the constitution many times without fail when you were in power all those 22 years. Did the opposition ever tried to amend their state constitution that they were controlling? Not at all! Did they ever said they were going to? NO!!!

It was you who amended the powers of the rulers not once but twice. And now you are talking about the Malays loosing power.

I believe no non-Malays wants to amend Article 153 in our constitution. I think it’s there to fulfill a purpose and ensure that economically we Malaysians will have a fair share of the economic pie and stand on our feet. Did you do that when you were in power for 22 years as a dictator? Obviously you didn’t do enough so that you could harp on this issue over and over again.

And instead you fed and fattened your cronies like the cows of Bashan! And the poor who really needed the 30% help did not get to see it. What happen to the RM54 billion bumi share which at present is left with RM2 billion only? Surely, you would know something about this. Why the silence, Dr. M?

In addition, most of our national coffers fall victim to your cronies’ uncontrolled hunger for greed i.e. EPF, Socso etc. Under your premiership corruption and money politics become the order of the day. As you went to create UMNO Baru, you also created a new political culture which was based on greed and patronage. And this system of governance (read:Mahathirism) is still in play today especially thru one of your boys Najib.

Please do not hide behind the fa├žade of Malay unity to protect your self interest or the interest of your cronies. And I think you need to grow up and behave as an elderly politician. Look at Tunku and learn from our Bapa Kemerdekaan.

Stop the nonsense and allow us to forge our way ahead for the “the country we all love.”

We could use less people like you to become Bangsa Malaysia. If only you could let us be!


  1. If a lie is repeated often enough, there will be people who would think it's true. A large majority of the population do not have access to alternative news. That is why, he keep harping on the same old issues until today. He happily forgotten he ruled the country for 22 yrs. Malaysia is in this quandary becos of him. his mission now is to put his son in the VP post. Maybe he has a dream of being like LKY. Or like Kim J I, of north korea. Change or we will be like north Korea or worse. Come GE13 do not hesitate to vote for CHANGE.

  2. We all have an expiry date and DrM's is approaching near. Asking him to speak out what is bothering him is a total waste of time. He will take to his grave.

    For a man who ruled this country for 20 year it is pathetic that he keeps on harping and condemning every prime minister after him. He has this attitude (whatever you may call it) that he is the greatest PM and no one can outshine him.

    He can think he is a great PM ... good for him but society is not stupid and will judge him fairly.

  3. Many have lamented they did not stop this demented incarnation of evil during his 22 years of misrule.

    The damage is now all around for others to clean up, if such a mop-up is ever possible. His BTN indoctrination alone on the young Malay minds during his reign has now borne bitter fruits - now we see around us bigots and seige-mentality adults in the millions of the civil servants and acadamicians ( so-called when passing grades are way below par) and those from even the ordinary walks-of-life.

    As though this is not enough to put pitt the different races against one another, he set in motion to bring our country to bankruptcy too.

    How much damage can a single man do ? Could he qualify to be a leader for the people, a leader that ALL could be proud of, and a leader that is much loved by ALL ?

    He will be damn lucky if at least 40% of his people do not spit on his grave when the time come for him to meet his maker.

  4. Quite frankly. I agree with this article on many levels, however, I disagree that he (Dr M) should shut up and leave us be. There are reasons for this.

    The more he harps on, more people will realise the issues of racism prevealant in the government. I do believe this will help polarise moderate fence sitters to join the cause against a racist and corrupted government. True, there will always be people who will believe his lies and join the racist team instead, but I suspect they are few in number.

    Secondly, Dr M is known as the father of modern Malaysia. For all his cronism and corrupted ways in government, he did lead Malaysia from an unknown to an Asian Tiger at one point in time. And whether we like to acknowledge that or not, he did do it and that unfortunately is what alot of people see him for; The father of Modern Malaysia. So what better way for him to
    'expose' his corruption and racist tendencies and destroy his own positive legacy (being known as the father of Modern Malaysia) then to let him spout his racist nonsense and let his own words betray him for what he is? History would have been kind to him and cover his lies if he shut up, but the rate he is going, history will rate him as nothing more then a racist eventually. So yeah I wouldn't worry about it.

    Finally, we are supporters of democracy. True democracy allows for everyone (including racist idiots) to say what they want to say. We can have our say, but so can they. That is the true spirit of freedom. The true spirit of freedom also allows us to agree to disagree, so let him be. (besides for the 2 reasons above anyway, he will be his own undoing, and we need not do anything but let him speak)

  5. Thank you and I have decided long ago to vote for change.
    Now our responsibility is to get more rakyat to vote for a big change come GE13.

  6. pl tdm explain what actualy frighten u most about malaysian live in one malaysia spirit .

  7. hi Anon 7:55am...yes,in a democratic country we shud let him speak...but he has turn this country into sumthin else...and wat will become if his words translates to an action which brutalizes people's life n so forth...wat if people started to get worked up n destroy each other...i believe Dr. M has that capability
    remember "Your freedom ends where my nose begins"

  8. We've seen from history that all empire falls, falls from within. That's sad but a reality. 1Malaysia to be honest, fails miserably. Perhaps it bonds people together, but sadly, only to the same group.

    As a chinese growing up in a Kampung, I ate with my hands, slept on the 'tikar'. All this took place in my malay friends' house. I was there even for their circumcision ceremony. We drank coke from the same bottle, spun tops together and ate "Mamee" from the same packet. Today, we may see that happening in small places but in the city; the whole scenario changes. Why?

    Sometimes leaders should lead by examples. You know why some groups puts a wall between? Because the leaders do that themselves. All races included. How to be united when we don't see that spirit of 1Malaysia being displayed?

    The city folks are frustrated. The rural ones are confused coz they do live a peaceful life without prejudice.

    I missed those days when we can just celebrate our diversity. I go church, they go mosque. We played football almost everywhere even in the church compound. We celebrate childbirth, and mourn a pakcik or makcik's death. We ate indian muruku and made friends virtually everywhere.

    I hope we don't loose our country because of pride and prejudice.