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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Najib, are you afraid of offending Perkasa?

Najib, give us a break and spare us your rhetoric!

Najib, where is your action against the 3 civil service who uttered derogatory words on the Indians & Chinese as far back as 2 months ago? Why the silence? Are you afraid of offending Perkasa?

Who are you to tell Malaysians “to stop being overly communal…” It is you who need to heed these words.

After all, you have not been able to control your own UMNO and Perkasa from being communal and racist. And on top of it you have the cheek to say that UMNO must work with all NGO’s and this would include the racist & primitive Perkasa?

And what are you implying here? That it’s ok for UMNO to be communal but not anybody else. If you want to put a stop to all these racist rant and slant than that it is imperative for you to start with your own backyard. You’ve got no choice Najib!

Najib you said you are encouraging UMNO to fight and help the other races. What’s the big deal? The sun shines on all men and women. Aren’t they Malaysians after all? Haven’t they supported BN enough all these years so that your cronies can milk our land to the max?

Najib for the Chinese & Indians who have made their home here this is our Promised Land. This was our land of milk and honey seen by our forefathers many generations ago. And this country continues to be our home no matter what you or your UMNO/BTN/Perkasa says it is.

So, please stop saying that we are pendatang’s. Because for the simple reason we are not. And we hope that you will put a stop especially to your own UMNO members and the civil service who have become quite un-civilized the last few years as they increased the race rhetoric to Malaysians generally.

Seriously Najib, give us a break lah!!!

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