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Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Tribute to Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu

I guess he was more than the Father of Development for Penang. By bringing in the MNC's in large numbers and putting up KOMTAR and the Penang Bridge in the 70's and 80's, Penang became a catalyst for the rapid  industrialization of this country and develop a penchant for mega projects in whole of Malaysia (in the 90's) under the 4th PM of Malaysia of you  know who!

But I must say that me and my friends would always be grateful to him as he has managed to create jobs not just for his generation but also mine and the generations to come. We Penangites don't really need to leave our shores in search for better pastures but in fact has been a haven to attract the world's best to come here.

 His visionary and pioneering spirit has made Penang to what it is today. That is why we Penangites opted for a radical change 2008 GE as what our parents did a generation ago in 1969 under Dr. LCE leadership. It was the same yearning which is to have a credible leadership, a man who walks the talk and a leader who would deliver!

We Penangites have been so fed-up with Dr. Koh Tsu Koon because even though he was Dr. LCE political secretary Dr.KTK did not possess at all the same spirit of his predecessor. He was a coward and a good for nothing Chief Minister of Penang. What a far cry from Dr.LCE!

With this I give my condolences to Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu's family and the rest of Penangites as well for having lost a legendary stalwart. May you Rest in Peace!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kenneth Lin speaks at SDP rally

Check out a young 16 year old Singaporean speaks up for his countrymen against the tyrant Lee Kuan Yew. Listen to Kenneth who also shared how God played a role in him becoming an agent of change in Singapore politics. It was truly the LORD's doing. Amazing!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Patriotism & the Little Napoleans

In 1995/6 after my STPM exams I went to the Penang Police HQ (Penang Rd) to apply for the post of Police Inspector. The requirement was a STPM qualification at that time.

Once there we were given a physical routine check up and those who were qualified were given the application form. Simple as that!

But went it came to my turn the officer in charge refuse to hand-over the application form to me on the basis that my STPM results were good. My physical check up was fine.

He said “kamu tak payahlah masuk polis. Buang masa aje dengan result yg bagus cam tu”. (You don’t need to enter the Police Force. Just a waste of time since you have a good STPM results.)

What the hell? Still, I tried to reason with him that I really wanted to be in the police force and wiling to sacrifice my public university entry for this. He said better don’t waste your time here!

Undeterred, I went to see my relative who was a clerk in the police force then. He told me it’s a dead end and there is no way they will ever hand over the application form to me! That was truly a bombshell!

Here am I trying to give my best to the country but my country refuse my service. And all because the application was ‘hijacked’ by a certain police officer.

I love Law but my STPM result did not allow me to pursue a degree in this line. So, the next best thing for me was to enter the Police force which was about upholding the rule of law.

Now Zahid Hamidi let me ask you this. Who is the un-patriotic one? The police officer or me?

It was those Little Napoleans who stood in my path to serve my country the way I know best. In fact, there could be many others who have had the same experience like I did and I hope you could start to share about it as well.

Let me say this again to you Zahid Hamidi do not underestimate our sense of patriotism to our country. Do not think that we will just stand by idly and do nothing when our country is in danger.

And one of the greatest dangers in Malaysia today is politicians like you who downplay the contribution of other races in nation building. Also, let us not forget that our country is being plundered to the maximum by thieves from your own party and you still have the cheek and gall to talk about patriotism.

It’s total bull-s and your hypocrisy really stinks to the highest heaven. And please do us a big favor by looking at yourself in the mirror before you ever talk about the meaning of patriotism.

Even at that age my sense of duty and patriotism to my country was strong and still is. But when the moment of truth arrived the first step to serve my country was dashed just like that!

Over to you Zahid Hamidi.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Malaysian Tale 3

1) Rafidah, Shahrizat & Jean Abdullah meet GOD onJudgement Day.

GOD says 'I understand all of you are from Malaysia , which
to the Bumis, is also known as 'heaven-on-earth'. Here too you all shall
be treated according to status. You shall meet the who's who of the
Malaysian cream of the crop.

You can see two giant gates over there. On one is stated Bumi & the
other Non-Bumi. Just go to the respective gates & mention your name. BUT
remember, should your claim turns out to be false, you shall be condemned to the
tortures of hell for all eternity and lose any chance of
redemption whatsoever."

Jean goes over first. She stands outside the Bumi
gate and mentions her name. The digital display flashes "DLL" and a ear-
piercing alarm rings out. The gate opens to reveal a chamber of raging fire of
intense heat. 'Welcome to hell' booms a burly turbaned Sikh as he pulls her
in. His name tag reads as Irwan Shah Abdullah@DJ Dave@Sukhdave Singh.

Rafidah & Shahrizat are caught by surprise but smile at each other
knowingly. Next goes Shahrizat. She too stands outside the Bumi gate &
mentions her name. The digital display screen flashes "MAMAK" and
another ear-piercing alarm triggers. The gate opens to reveal an icy
cold chamber way below freezing point. 'Welcome home, I'm Mamoothy', says
a sarcastic voice who's name tag reads as Mahathir s/o Mohd Kutty.

Rafidah who is very sure of qualifying, walks over haughtily to the gate
which she feels is her birth-right. Just as she mentions her name, the digital
display flashes "INDIAN" .There is a thunderous flash and the gate opens to
reveal a pot-bellied figure with a trident in hand & nothing else on
except a wig. A familiar voice rings out 'Selamat datang Paduka, Kemaluan saya
amat besar, tetapi walaubagaimana pun.......'.He can't go on as he is
salivating and panting heavily. She is too shocked for words and turns
around in time to hear GOD say just before the gate closes forever "Your
particulars in our record shows your middle name to
be AP instead of binti....."

2)  AP birthday to you
AP birthday to you
AP birthday to rAPidah
AP birthday to you

Many AP returns of the day, rAPidah!

Malaysian Education System in Emergency

After reflecting my schooling years I have to agree with my friends that those who started school in 1983 with the new KBSR format felt like guinea pigs. I do too!

Then, the standard 5 exams were change to standard 6 with the UPSR format. Well, I thought things were fine until they change the year end school holidays from December to October. We had to start our new school year in December. Remember?

I felt that was really weird starting our school term at the end of the year. HHhmmm. Our Christmas holidays had to be cut short and Christmas was never the same again.

And by that time I had a sense that other sort of changes was coming soon and I dread that. We just had to go thru the motions and study hard while thinking what sort of changes was coming next. I resented that feeling.
Later we were in Form 1 under the KBSM thingy and life went on as usual. The SRP was later replaced by the PMR exams and SPM and STPM so far has not been change.

Recently, our Education Minister DPM Muhyiddin Yasin were` suggesting that UPSR & PMR to be scrapped. The reason is our education system is too exam oriented.

For a start why not the ministry conduct an investigation on our Chinese and some of our Tamil schools. What are their strengths and their methodology. We do not need to go far as the solution to our predicament is only a stone's throw away!

And during the UMNO General Assembly he suggested to make History a passing subject.

Why the sudden rush to change our education system again and again? Does he know what he's doing?

Somehow he doesn't inspire confidence to those who really take education seriously.

It was also DPM Muhyiddin who scap the teaching of Science and Maths in English previously.

Well, for one our young minds are not your guinea pigs anymore. We are not your lab rats that you or UMNO think can experiment with. We had enough of this so called changes that actually doesn't make sense to us at all.

Secondly, the less changes by you people make on our education system is better. I know this is one ministry everyone wants to make a mark for themselves. And Muhyiddin you are of no different.

Any changes has to be backed by a proper study which engages all sections of society. What is so difficult in doing that? Plain lazy or for political expediency? I think we all know the answer!

Thirdly, please stop politicising our education system. After all your brand of politics is rotten to the core and I'm afraid our schools are already becoming a sad reflection of that rotteness.

Imagine the kind of students that is being produced from this type of rotten and failed system. Is our system churning out the best or are we producing the rempits, alongs and gangters all the way?

Instead please spend our country's reseouces to train our teachers and recognize them whoever they are. They are guru to our young minds and their contribution to our nation is priceless. I believe this is one step which is very much lacking today and  DPM Muhyiddin you can make a huge difference by doing so.

Finally, I think we all know what needs to be done in our education system. A total overhaul needs to be executed and it must always start from the head. And I believe we will have that opportunity not very long from now.