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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Whither MSM?

During my Form 5 or 6 I read about an incident that was hotly debated and it was taking place in Kedah at that time. It was in 1993 and it was the Kerpan prawn breeding project financed by the Ben Laden group from Saudi and the Malaysian government.

I remember this  particular news quite well as the news about this project was not well received by many affected Kedahan paddy planters who had to give up their paddy fields forcefully below the market price and turn themselves from being a paddy planter to being a prawn breeder overnight.

My source of information came from two papers which is The Star paper and Utusan Konsumer. I use to buy both from my school at a discounted rate. 

I noticed both these sources has got a different take on the same issue. One was advocating for the prawn breeding project to be realized and the other one was quite against it. Yup, I guess you know which one I'm talking about right?

The Star Paper was advocating what the government of the day was proposing to the Kerpan farmers. Their message seems to be that the Kerpan farmers do not know what is best for them and it is best for BN government to do all the talking, thinking and the decision making for the displaced farmers. 

The Utusan Konsumer was more critical in this project and its implementation. It was more concern about the welfare of the Kerpan farmers, the long term viability of this project and the inadequate compensation that the paddy farmers received from the powers that be. 

This made me to think why is that so. At that time I had no idea that The Star paper belongs to the MCA which is part of the ruling government but it just made me to think is The Star as the people's paper telling the whole truth? 

In my mind I knew The Star paper was only telling one side of the story and the other side was conveniently left out. Reading the Utusan Konsumer gave a much fresh and humane understanding of this Kerpan issue.

Fast forward to 2008 during GE12 most if not all of the main stream media (MSM) were only writing and publishing one sided stories which favoured the ruling BN government. It was so obvious and in some cases certain opposition leaders were attacked left and right and was not given the right to reply. None at all!

The opposition bashing was even more prominent during the eve of GE12. But this time the rakyat did not buy into their  stories or lies. The rakyat gave an almost point blank response that they want change in the status quo and this involves how the MSM are being run these days as well.

It was at this point of time I decided to stop buying and reading all MSM papers in this country!

Then came the GE13 and nothing has really change even though the MSM has been reprimanded time and again since the last GE12 for their coverage. They have totally lost their balance and seems bent on only giving lies after lies without any moral trepidation on their part. 

Just look at what Utusan Malaysia wrote about the Chinese voters post GE13. It is not only inflammatory but downright stupid and yet Utusan Malaysia managed to go scot free without any reprimand from anyone in the BN government or charges brought against them. So, who is dictating to whom now? 

Is it the party that owns the MSM or is the MSM now are dictating what their political bosses should do and say?

Does this mean the MSM has got the upper hand in also designing our national policies as well? If yes, who are the stakeholders they are getting input from? Are they from the likes of Perkasa, or from other race based parties such as MCA, MIC only or is it from a cross section of man and women on the street?

For the record these race based parties in BN has been the biggest losers not just in the last GE13 but they have been loosing badly in the last two GE's as well. 

If the MSM were to continue in this direction they will soon be annihilated as far as their circulation and bottom line are concern. Even as you are reading this many right thinking Malaysians have stopped their MSM subscriptions of this pure garbage that is polluting their minds. 

Malaysians today are blessed with choices for their source of news especially political news. And yet our MSM stubbornly holds on to their old way of thinking which is to polish their bosses apple (read: political masters) in regards to the truth that affects this nation. From being one-sided and biased they have graduated to become more arrogant in the way they present their news and editorials especially the ones that pretty well affects their political bosses.

Today, I manage to go through some pages in the The Star online for the heck of it. Nothing has change much really. Joceline Tan's writings on UMNO politics nearly made me to fall off my chair when she described Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi as the most charismatic from the three UMNO VP's. It was almost laughable and obnoxious to say the least.

Of all person how could The Star ever describe or imagine the Home Minister as charismatic? Is it because he speaks like a gangster and behaves as one also? Or is he charismatic because he holds the key to renew their printing and publication licenses year in and year out? Take your pick!

Even Dr Mahathir has clearly admitted that UMNO lacks decent leaders today what more a charismatic ones! 

The only conclusion that I can derive is that the MSM has been reading the signs of time wrongly or chose to read it wrongly  and somehow their interpretation and writing seems to be out of touch from the rakyat's thinking and feeling on the ground. They need to get OUT of their silo and be challenged to take the road less travelled. Are they willing to take up this task? Time is not on their side!

Lastly, if the The Star who is beholden to MCA can't even understand the plight and needs of the Chinese Malaysians who are also MCA only constituents how could they ever be the voice for all Malaysians? As I said they have simply lost touch and if no change were to happen and they continue to enjoy in their navel gazing style of writing it is a matter of time before their shareholders wakes up and demand a change for the better!

The same goes to all other MSM in this country. There was a time the MSM was the conscience and voice of the rakyat in this country and also in many parts of the world. Remember Utusan Melayu's role and the Malayan Union in 1946? 

Today the online media has replaced that role and readily become the prime mover of change in this country. Any action to stifle the integrity and freedom of the online media will be met with much scorn and opposition from various quarters.

By the way, the Kerpan project was a complete disaster contrary to what many of the MSM reported the project could be those days!

Kudos to Online Media!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Utusan Malaysia is Now Utusan Karut

Utusan Malaysia has done it again. Their justification of BN’s terrible performance was racial and totally divisive which does not help the nation building process at all after GE13. By singling out a race of people who decided to choose Pakatan Rakyat(PR) instead of the incumbent UMNO/BN government they have portrayed the Chinese Malaysians as ungrateful and should be dealt with in the near future.

Why the sudden interest in Chinese only? Was it because they voted overwhelmingly for PR as though none of the other races did especially in the urban areas? Or is it because the BN caretaker government spent millions on them than the other races and hoping that the Chinese would reciprocate on polling day? Either way, it is NOT right for Utusan Malaysia or Najib to single out a particular group of Malaysians for his own failure. Yes, I say it again it is Najib's own failure!

So, what does Utusan Malaysia wants to do now? Are they planning and scheming something sinister in this country of ours? Yes Utusan, it’s either you are with us or against us. You have forgotten that it was the overwhelming Malaysians that voted for PR hence PR popular votes was much higher than BN for the first time in Malaysian history.

And you Utusan can’t seem to take it, right? After all UMNO is your political master for the last 50 plus years and YOU have been a political tool for them as well! Utusan, you have fail to grasped what Malaysian DEMANDS are! Here are a few list to start with:-

- We want a government that looks into the interest of Malaysians and not those of the Banglas, Indons, Myanmarese, Filipinos only. One day we might have a Benggali news papers in this country and you Utusan could be out of job. Yes, I hope you will face your demise as the mainstream paper of this country soon as you have not been able to bear good fruits but instead rotten ones only! That goes to the other MSM’s as well who have been spewing lies after lies to please your masters so that you and your board of directors could pamper yourself and be fed well like the cows of Bashan!

- We also want a government that is truly free from the scourge of corruption and incompetence which hinders our country from reaching our highest potential. Is it too much to ask? If yes, then go and tell your political masters they are not fit for the top job of this country in the first place.

- We want a government that truly represent ALL Malaysians irrespective of their race, religion and lifestyle orientation. Again, is it too much to ask from a ruling government for this after 56 years in power? If yes, then I believe you have overstayed your welcome in this country. Somehow I can’t help but to feel that the government we are having now do not represent any of us except their cronies and a certain wife. Yup, reminds me of the many corrupt regimes of the 20th and the 21st century in Asia and AFrica that must be kicked out.

- We also want a government that prides itself in promoting transparency. I’m sure Utusan has not heard of this word or pretends not to. If no, please look up in the dictionary yourself. In short we want a government that upholds free and fair election as a norm in this country instead of us struggling and fighting for it thru the streets. This is a basic need in any democracy. We also need the rule of law to be applied at every level of the government administration be it the Police, civil service and not forgetting the Election Commission (EC) as well. As of today the EC has lost all credibility of what is left of them thanks to Dr. Mahathir who started his IC Project by giving IC’s illegally to foreigners in Malaysia since 1980’s.

- We Malaysians want Pakatan Rakyat as our federal government. Yes, UMNO/BN needs to be OUT for good. There is no shred of goodness that is left in them anymore. You are only fit to be trampled upon as UMNO/BN has lost all their usefulness! The rakyat can’t wait for the next GE and hope and pray that your demise will come sooner than later. Count your days UMNO. After all, the rakyat has finish off your BN counterparts i.e. MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP etc. UMNO, now it’s your turn and be rest assured that the rakyat will not missed you for a minute once you are kicked out of Putrajaya! It’s just a matter of time.

Now, you have heard what we want as citizens of this country and the list above is by no means exhaustive. But I will stop here as you Utusan are too dense to understand the new way of being a Malaysian today. Yup, the list is longer than the above and I’m sure the readers will continue to share their thoughts on this matter.

Utusan, you have heard of our needs and wants as Malaysians. Now, hear out what we DO NOT WANT as Malaysians today.

- We DO NOT WANT a government that is corrupt to its core who do not know how distinguish of what is right from wrong. UMNO/BN have lost their moral compass hence the result in this GE 13 proves as such. It has nothing to do with any particular race or genetics. It has got everything to do with UMNO and their corrupt activities. Period!

- We DO NOT WANT the EC to be headed by the present leadership now who is not just corrupt but dishonest and unfair to all Malaysians. The EC has lost it and we the rakyat knows just too well that this unfair election practices will be continued if not ‘enhance’ in a more spectacular way for every other by-elections or GE in the future as long as UMNO/BN is in power.

- We DO NOT WANT the likes of Ibrahim Ali, Zulkifli Noordin and their Perkasa cohorts to be scot free in this land of ours. They have never represented Malaysian, whether the old or new Malaysia. They are the barbarians waiting at the gates ready to trampled our country. They and their spiritual advisor Dr. Mahathir are willing to go to any length to destroy this country just so to that their interest are protected and passed only to their next generation. Yes, they are only interested on their interest only. And if Najib can’t lift a finger to shut them off then Najib should join them as well when that day of reckoning comes. And Dr. Mahathir, I hope you are still around when we Malaysians crush and defeat you and your racist group whom I suspect are suffering from some sort of inferiority complex since your Malay Dilemma days.

- We also DO NOT WANT any MSM in this country to spew lies and continue to sow hatred among Malaysians. Please stop this immediately as we the rakyat are getting fed up with your cheap and unsubstantiated news to confuse all right thinking Malaysians. We also know that you are losing your market share hence affecting your bottom line the past few years. We will continue to boycott you and we hope that one day all the MSM will change for the better to hear the voice of real Malaysians instead of those Malaysians who walks in the corridors of power and are ever willingly to sell our country to the highest bidder.

- We also DO NOT WANT UMNO/BN to continue ruling our country in such a ridiculous way which would end up Malaysia as the laughing stock of the world. We will if we do not UBAH!

Imagine this, historically our country has been known as Suvarnabhumi (Land of Gold) by the Indian conquerors. Even the Greeks has called this piece of land as the Golden Cherosenes and the Chinese in those days also called it as ‘Kin-Lin’ which means gold. This land is not merely a land of milk and honey but a land of GOLD! It is a land which would bring prosperity and wellness to all those who live here at whichever time period.

In fact, many past European colonizers were ready to go all out to fight tooth and nail to get a piece of this land which eventually enriched them and their country they came from. Today, those conquerors has been replaced by UMNO and their elites and cronies has started to amass the kind of wealth which most Malaysians could ever dream off.

In addition, we are being fed with crumbs from the powers that be! Yes, it is merely crumbs (sisa-sisa) and what is our rightful has been taken away and given to UMNO cronies. Instead of 'gold' UMNO is turning our country into a perpetual junkyard!

Because of this we too need to fight tooth and nail to ensure our country is return to us. We will never give up in this battle against the evil regime until it’s brought down to its knees and the rakyat rules again.

No matter how long it takes we will get there. Yup, we are almost there and it’s just a matter of time before Change happens. For that, we must Press On!