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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Patriotism & the Little Napoleans

In 1995/6 after my STPM exams I went to the Penang Police HQ (Penang Rd) to apply for the post of Police Inspector. The requirement was a STPM qualification at that time.

Once there we were given a physical routine check up and those who were qualified were given the application form. Simple as that!

But went it came to my turn the officer in charge refuse to hand-over the application form to me on the basis that my STPM results were good. My physical check up was fine.

He said “kamu tak payahlah masuk polis. Buang masa aje dengan result yg bagus cam tu”. (You don’t need to enter the Police Force. Just a waste of time since you have a good STPM results.)

What the hell? Still, I tried to reason with him that I really wanted to be in the police force and wiling to sacrifice my public university entry for this. He said better don’t waste your time here!

Undeterred, I went to see my relative who was a clerk in the police force then. He told me it’s a dead end and there is no way they will ever hand over the application form to me! That was truly a bombshell!

Here am I trying to give my best to the country but my country refuse my service. And all because the application was ‘hijacked’ by a certain police officer.

I love Law but my STPM result did not allow me to pursue a degree in this line. So, the next best thing for me was to enter the Police force which was about upholding the rule of law.

Now Zahid Hamidi let me ask you this. Who is the un-patriotic one? The police officer or me?

It was those Little Napoleans who stood in my path to serve my country the way I know best. In fact, there could be many others who have had the same experience like I did and I hope you could start to share about it as well.

Let me say this again to you Zahid Hamidi do not underestimate our sense of patriotism to our country. Do not think that we will just stand by idly and do nothing when our country is in danger.

And one of the greatest dangers in Malaysia today is politicians like you who downplay the contribution of other races in nation building. Also, let us not forget that our country is being plundered to the maximum by thieves from your own party and you still have the cheek and gall to talk about patriotism.

It’s total bull-s and your hypocrisy really stinks to the highest heaven. And please do us a big favor by looking at yourself in the mirror before you ever talk about the meaning of patriotism.

Even at that age my sense of duty and patriotism to my country was strong and still is. But when the moment of truth arrived the first step to serve my country was dashed just like that!

Over to you Zahid Hamidi.


  1. I went for Petronas interview sometimes 1979, also lee foundation loan 1989 and failed to get any help. Could not get any free education starting since Lower sec. school, despite my parents needed to tap rubber at age of 65 for day to day living.

    I went to NUS with parents savings and completed B ENG (hons), then Part time MSC and later MBA fro Hull, I was back from Spore since 1990, I love my country even i worked in spore, Brunei, Phillipines, HongKong etc. Not as what Zahid in mind.

  2. Am putting up your post later today. My readers will be linked to your blog. Good job.Zorro

  3. Exactly, i believe many Malaysians are in the same predicament and we need to expose this to the powers that be. Only then will they shut up n stop quetioning our loyalty once n for all.

    So, pls if you have any sort of experience such as this pls do hilite and put BN ministers to shame...We cannot rely on our MCA,MIC,Gerakan or PPP to speak for us.

  4. did't take you in, that a blessing in disguise for you...

    otherwise you will end up working under this monkey.

  5. thanx Zorro...appreciate it!

  6. The most unpatriotic person is the one who plunders the country's money through abuse of power and corruption. As long as you are a good citizen your patriotic because if all patriotic citizen were to join the army or police force there will be only two professions in this country. Do you think that these two departments can accommodate all the patriotic citizen including me?

  7. Did you not know who was the first recipient of the "Pingat Gagah Berani" was a Chinese, Lt Lee Ah Pow PGB ...
    There was another young Chinese Officer, Lt David Fu Chee Meng, who too was awarded the PGB at the Battle of Tanah Hitam.

    How about this Indian Officer who laid down his life at the "ripe old age of 24"? Captain Mohana Chandran al Velayuthan (200402) Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa . Not patriotic enough for you? How about this where a sorry excuse, for an officer, caused the death of 13 Italian airmen in the Congo, Malaysia's name had to be salvaged in this incident by 2Lt N.H. Siebel PGB and Captain Maurice Lam PGB, notice their names, they were Non Malays. How about the time in Bosnia where soldiers desecrated a Catholic Cross, again the situation was salvaged by the Non Malays. For posterity I have another link here. I will not even talk about the vandalising of the Hoba Meteorite in Namibia. Okay continuing some more, here is another Indian who got the PGB, 2Lt Panir Chellvum al Velaithan PGB. Still not patriotic enough for you?

  8. do you know why UMNO doesn't really care if they hurt the feelings of the non-Malays. Simple. 300,000 non-Malays have left this country from 2008-2010. So if you are unhappy and wanna leave, add 1 to 300,000 doesn't make any difference

  9. STOP BELITTLE NON-MALAYS NOW! Enough is enough!Let's not mention about those innocent lives lost in May 13,let the past go.Those who killed will be punished by God.Presently, almost every month a Panglima Wira Gagah Berani who declared himself most holy,most defensive of islam/malay race would rise up to belittle the non-malays religion or otherwise.Already we have enough of labelling like Pendatang,Penumpang,Pengkhinat,Biadap kepada raja-raja,Pencuri,Orang Kafir,SiMata Sepet SiKaki Botol,Pengemis,Pelacur,and now Unpatriotic people...While our crafty leaders are stupidly wasting time to come up with idiotic statements to score points to impress their equally stupid followers instead of turun padang to help the poor people , Laos/Cambodia/Vietnam are slowly surpassing us economically (sigh).Ya Hidup Ketuanan Melayu!Hidup Umno!Hidup $.

  10. hi Eric...thanx for the info...that was great men!

  11. Let's talk about reality:
    Just how many of those in the army admit that they join "because of patriotism" If one were to ask them yes, sure they'll admit but the reality is that they've got NO OTHER CHOICE but the army. Just how many of those with GOOD SPM results would willingly forgo their Matriculation or other forms of further studies just so they could "become patriotic"? I would guess even if they do (for love of guns, uniform or childhood fascinations) their parents would advise against joining the army.

    Say, why don't we ask another question to answer their question: Why is it that the non-Malays are the BIGGEST contributors to revenues from tax?

    The way I see it, and frankly speaking, the army is THE LAST OPTION for them to get employed by the government, it is a a "mopping up" agency. Now they hope that they will gain extra political mileage by tapping in into something that wasn't. Patriotism wasn't their MAIN OBJECTIVE in signing up.

  12. Not at all Damian ! Thank the 7Rangers. Great article, please keep 'em coming. Not sure if you would agree with this assessment, but the way things have transpired, this may have been a Blessing In Disguise for you, considering the PDRM's rep.
    On the other hand, having lived in Singapore, I think you would have been an asset to their Police Service and would probably moved high up through the ranks.

    Leave you with this:

  13. If indeed it is true that not joining the army means you are unpatriotic or you are lacking in patriotism, then Malays, including Zahid and other UMNOputras who have not been in the army are also lacking in patriotic spirit. Now if you tell it to Zahid he would definitely say that cannot be true. To him and lots of Malays especially those in UMNO Malays are born patriotic whereas ethnic Indians and Chinese are presumed unpatriotic. UMNO continue to brand kaum-kaum pendatang as unpatriotic. That is why lack of patriotism seems true to explain why Indians and Chinese youths are not keen to apply to be soldiers. Indeed the same reason will be given to explain why few Indians and Chinese are found in police, navy, among civil servants, professors, CEOS of GLCs....It is just another way of saying Indians and Chinese don't belong to this land.

  14. In 1979 (age 25) I went to join the Police Force as a Constable. The requirement was LCE / Form 3. I had a Form 5 (GCE) certificate. I was rejected because i was over qualified.

    In the same year I even went to join the Army (as soldier) and was rejected for the same reason, over qualified.

    In 1982 (age 28) I was accepted as a Police Constable with the same qualification. I served for about 4 years.

    In 1986 I wanted to do a Degree in Law. Requested for "study leave" to pursue my studies and was refused. They did not even want to accept my letter requesting for "study leave".

    Resigned, completed my Degree in UK and completed my CLP in Malaysia.

    This is my story.


  15. hi Eric...yup the 7rangers website was really superb...n yes wish was in the police force but somehow it was not to fact, thot of going to spore but told myself nah....not yet!

    hawaii 5-0? gud series...used to watch that...but i really like Hunter 2...remember?

  16. Awang Anak Rawang was an Iban Scout attached to 10 Platoon, 'D' Company, 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment in Malaya. While patrolling in the jungle, 10 Platoon was ambushed by around 50 Communist bandits. Two men were killed and Awang and Private Hughes were wounded. Awang had been shot through the thigh, but managed drag Private Hughes into cover. He then defended Hughes and himself as the bandits moved in to finish them off. Eventually Awang was shot again, shattering his right arm. He then took a grenade in his left hand, held it up and dared the bandits to come and try to kill them. At this the bandits withdrew. Awang, despite his severe wounds, had held off their attacks for 40 minutes, and saved Hughes' life. For this he was awarded the George Cross, the civilian version of the V.C.

    war against Sukarno:

    The Undeclared War:

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