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Thursday, April 14, 2016

2016 Sarawak Elections - Is Adenan Najib's proxy?

The Sarawak state elections is fixed for 7 May 2016. VIPS from the Peninsular has been making their rounds into the interior of Sarawak which you don’t normally see they do on other days. And it is interesting that Sarawak is the only state that still hold their elections on their own. But will the people really vote on their own for change or fallback to status quo?

I believe BN still holds the fort in Sarawak just like before. But what most Malaysians are hoping is the opposition will slightly better their performance than the last time. They need to achieve that in terms of the number of seats won and the popular votes as well. What is at stake for Sarawak and also for the rest of Malaysia if BN wins handsomely this time? There are several questionable activities that has been going on under Najib and also from the previous Chief Minister of Sarawak which needs correction but you cannot expect the crooks to correct their own wrongdoing!

Firstly, let us not forget Taib Mahmud the longest Chief Minister in Malaysia (1981-2014). He is famously known as the last white haired rajah in reference to the British Brooke family who ruled Sarawak before UMNO decided to colonize her again! Taib and his family has been regularly accused of corruption and siphoning off billions since the dawn of time and has personally benefited from Sarawak’s huge and rich natural and economic resources. You can say that Taib Mahmud is the Sarawak Marcos and his rule has been stained and tarnished by the many land acquisition of NCR lands of the indigenous groups. Taib Mahmud blatantly confiscates and steals from his own people without any regards for compensation. For all his ‘crime’ Putrajaya has awarded him to become the Governor of Sarawak in 2012. What sort of leader do we have at the top? Are Sarawakians just going to let this Pek Moh go away quietly or will the Sarawakians stand up and make a difference this time around?

Secondly, Sarawakians should not be fooled by Adenan Satem rhetoric of defending the indigenous and minority groups which has been marginalized by their own state and also Putrajaya. This two culprits has been doing a good job in depriving Sarawakians of a better life. As the majority in the state the Dayaks has been stripped from all types of benefits and rights that should have been accorded to them. The Dayaks are not recognized except to call themselves as ‘lain-lain’ in this country. If we remember well enough Pak Lah also used almost the same rhetorics to gain an upper hand in the 11th GE in which he won 90% of Parliament seats. The same tactics is employed now to give a mandate to Adenan Satem to rule the resource rich Sarawak. But what all of us should be wary is does Adenan has the power to fulfill his election pledges to his people without any interference from outsiders?! I doubt he has that political will to do so. It will be back to status quo for Sarawakians and it is necessary for them to rise and give a knock out (KO) result against BN as a whole and send the correct message to him that enough is enough! What other means do we have to ensure Sarawakians rights are well protected from the power hungry ghost of BN and Putrajaya? Sarawakians should deny Adenan and Najib from ruling over them in 2016 AGAIN and the faster this is achieved the better it will be for the lives of all Sarawakians!

Thirdly,  Najib and his more than ‘40 thieves’ has been making money at the expense of the rakyat thru implementing GST, increase of tolls & utilitiy bills, embezzling Tabung Haji, SOCSO, KWAP and KWSP monies. The rakyat is being sucked high & dry in every aspect of their lives and the only way to put a stop to his evil ways for now is through this state elections. Najib has shown what he can do with 1MDB and just imagine if he were to have a similar company in Sarawak. It is already catastrophic today looking at the PAC report on this company. 1MDB as we understand it is a vehicle for Najib & Rosmah to fulfill their extravagant lifestyle that they have been dreaming off. A big BN win in this elections will send the wrong message to Najib and his cohorts in Putrajaya that the rakyat is ok with their shenanigans.

There are many voices attempting to use UMNO entering Sarawak as a scare tactic  to win this election. What is the difference between what UMNO has done from the time of Dr. Mahathir and what Taib Mahmud did against the Sarawakians in the past? Both have plundered and pillaged many Sarawakians of the many opportunities that they should receive as the rightful sons of the soil. ? Both parties do not represent the aspirations of the very people they are supposed to act for & protect. Do you think think Adenan Satem will bow to the needs of his people or will he kowtow to Putrajaya first?

This election is an important one in which all Sarawakians needs to show these unscrupulous politicians who are the real masters of their land! Sarawakians needs to regain that respect at least in the eyes of Malaysians in general. DO not give an inch and take none from these elected thieves this time around. Do that and you will see your state improved for your own betterment.

I always challenge my East Malaysian friends that Putrajaya has been siphoning off your oil right under your nose and has built 2 bridges in Penang and multiple highways in the whole of Peninsular. And only now has the government open their eyes for a need of a Pan Borneo highway for them. You will be cheated and be shortchanged if you allow this politicians to rule over you for another 5 years Don’t give them that luxury!!!

I hope that the change we envision for the whole of Malaysia can start from the great Land of the Hornbills. This is your moment to make that change! The only person that can stop you from making that change is only YOU!

Sarawakians, can we count on YOU???

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