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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BN restricting Malay Bible but not Interlok!

There are so many happenings in Malaysia these days and it's hard to keep abreast of all news. From Anwar's sham trial to BN twin wins there is a lot to digest for any man and women on the street.

The most recent controversy is the banning of Malay Bibles by the BN government in Sarawak port. It's funny how our government seem to differ when it comes to using Interlok in the secondary school syllabus. I just don't get it guys!

The Interlok is such a subversive material which disregards the sensitivities of minorities in Malaysia. The Bible does not have any of those elements whether it's printed in English, Malay, Tamil, German etc. But the government still insist to ban it.

The BN government is ok in using racist text book but have the cheek to ban Bibles from entering our shores.

So, why the ban?

This really shows how racist and bigoted our ruling party are.

I just got the news that the racist BN government has released the Malay Bibles which it has detained in Port Klang and Sarawak port recently.

But that doesn't mean they are off the hook. They need to state their stand on the 1986 controversial ruling which bans all publications which uses the word Allah.

If not, history tends to repeat itself especially under the BN rule. It will if BN continues to rule Malaysia after the 13th General Election.

If you asked me this could just be a ploy by BN in facing the Sarawak state elections whereby 43% of the voters are Christians.

Hence, the need to release those Bibles. If not for the Sarawak Elections this issue would have been met with fierce resistance from UMNO and not forgetting Perkasa to continue to ban Malay bibles. The timing was perfect!

I guess the timing is also right to kick BN out of Sarawak and Malaysia as a whole. No God fearing person would ever vote for a party that lives and thrives on racist and bigoted statements and actions.

The BN must fall and it must fall NOW. Lets be ready for GE13 people!!!

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