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Monday, March 7, 2011

Mahathir oh Mahathir

Whatt happen to this old man? Just can't let go? Well, for those who don't know Mahathir is launching his Memoir "A Doctor in the House" tomorrow.

I guess he has the need to put things in his perspective so that everyone will get into the same page as him. Most probably the Textbook Division under the Education Ministry will change our History again to accomodate Tun Mahathir's version of history. You'll never know!

Which begs the next question. What is Tun Mahathir legacy exactly? Simple:-

- Money politics in UMNO and BN as a whole
- The rape of judiciary
- Operasi Lalang
- BMF scandal
- Bakun dam
- The sacking & jailing of Anwar Ibrahim
- Father of racism as espoused by our Federal Minister Nazri

And I guess the list goes on. Lets see how he deals with these issues in his memoir. Then you know the kind of man he is. A coward or someone coming to terms with his life.

Lets wait and see. Should be mind boggling so to speak!

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