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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 - The year under Najib!

This could have been a good year but thanks to Najib who has been doing a great job in defining this country for all the wrong reasons with his (and her) extravaganza.! So, how did Najib defined Malaysia in 2015?

Firstly, Najib started by defending his wealth all the way to his father's grave; that his wealth was an inheritance which of course all of his brothers promptly denied. Najib must have known that he could not justify all the gains in his hand and needed to come up with something! And apparently he did - using the very person who could not be around to defend himself.

Secondly, Najib defined corruption to a totally new level. From corruption to commission (Scorpene case) and now to donation (RM2.6B) what else can you expect from Najib the Prime Minister of Malaysia? Can you guess what this means? He could be re-defining this 'donation' to something new again in 2016. Already there are some signs from WSJ reports recently. I guess you can be charged for corruption in Malaysia but if you re-defined it as a commission or donation you are off the hook from the long arm of the law. Lets wait and see for 2016 and hopefully its a just a false alarm!

Another interesting moment was the celebration of corruption in this year's UMNO AGM. We saw how certain leaders were ostracized for speaking up against corruption but the majority was blindly giving tacit approval and blessing to Najib to carry on with his so-called "donation" activities!

And thirdly, the return of oppressive laws and using Parliment as Najib's rubber stamp. Even without a 2/3 majority Najib has been able to bulldoze these laws to be passed without much hassle or let alone a proper debate. Not that he needs the 2/3 but imagine if he has one. We definitely have another Idi Amin or worse in the making and this is something all Malaysians should remember well during the next poll.

Fourthly, Najib has done a great job by breaking Pakatan and getting PAS to sleep with his party UMNO. Even Dr. Mahathir could not touch PAS but credit must be given to Najib for being able to do that. In fact, Musa Hitam was right when he said Najib is Dr. Mahathir best student. He is making 'great strides' in the way of his guru and now his own guru is having a really tough time to keep up with him! Personally, I hope PAS joins UMNO formally and I shall thank UMNO for burying PAS once and for all once it happens!

And lastly, the suffering of silent Malaysians. Ordinary Malaysians are feeling the heat from the high cost of living and Najib has turned a blind eye towards it. I believe the silent majority will not just endure this anymore. The silent majority holds the key to change all these blunders of Najib by changing Najib himself. But do we dare to do so in the next poll?

These are the 5 very defining moments in 2015! Will we be defined by Najib again in 2016 or do we want to define it by ourselves? I think many of us has learnt our lesson pretty well. It's about time we do what it takes as the politicians has constantly failed us again and again!

Here we come 2016 and Happy New Year to all!!!

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