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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Boundaries in the Kingdom

Just before the Mass started yesterday I had this question in my mind on how long I have not attended Mass at my former parish (Cathedral of the Holy Spirit). I'm staying at the boundary of my former parish and my current parish (Church of Divine Mercy). But really, are there boundaries in the Kingdom of God that Jesus came to proclaim?

Nope, I believe there is none. Either I am are with God (close to God) or not! There are no boundaries or should I say fence sitters in the Kingdom. 

So, if that's the case where am I now? I would like to believe I'm on the side of God. 

And if that is so how close I am with Him now? 

I was also reading that weeks Herald and noticed that there has been a number of spiritual formations taking place in the Cathedral. They have just concluded their Parish Assembly and one of the highlights was the number of spiritual programmes that was organized in the past year. 

And knowing the leaders of the Cathedral they have done a really good job. 

Just a question: Has all the spiritual formation/ programmes help us to become closer with God? I believe it has and will continue to do so for all lay persons who attended. But this is the thing; that whatever spiritual formations we are organizing it has to bring us to the reality of God in our lives.

That it the ultimate goal of these programmes. In fact, that is what the Church that Christ established wants us to do. 

Spiritual programmes are not a substitute for God BUT to bring us closer to Him who is the source of all life! This what good spiritual formation do for us: it makes us teachable, open ourselves to God''s invitation and we in return respond to the  Great One unconditionally! Then the journey begins.

Still having boundaries between God and you??

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