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Monday, December 7, 2015


We are in a mess and there seems to be no hope for any turnaround as long as UMNO-BN is in power. Be it politically, economically or socially we have failed as a nation under this ruling regime.

Till today we are yet to see any signs of UMNO-BN turning to a new leaf to turn this country around. They seem to be incapable of doing so. And that's the message they are rightfully sending to us!

Why is that so? I'm sure even those in the highest echelon of this regime knows the answer. But why aren't they doing anything about it? Why aren't changing or at least reforming?

Well, why should they as it has everything to do with Power & Money.

In Malaysia these 2 are very much interwined in almost every aspect of this country's management.

Without power there can be no money and without money there can be no power in Malaysia.

The ruling regime has been able to juggle this 2 necessary evil well especially in Dr. Mahathir time but they forgot the people has moved on and wanting more from their leaders.

In the past UMNO-BN has been able to blind fold the masses by promises of development, development and development.

We've been hood winked by UMNO-BN for the last 55 years and our standard of living has gone from bad to worse.

Today, the rakyat is asking back "Development for whom?"

Should we give them another 50 years? Never! Not even for another term.!!

As they say absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is the real mantra of the current regime. They have no shame or dignity left in them. Hence, it didn't take that long to bring down the PR Perak government.

In addition, UMNO-BN has at its disposal a string of kowtowing and a yes-man media to discredit the people's movement and the opposition. The Utusan, The Star, Berita Harian etc are all the tools they need just in case they need to create another riot!

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